What to See and What to Do in Caithness

Caithness is located in the very north of Scotland and is the most northerly region on mainland Britain. It is an excellent destination with a variety of activities for everyone


Far North Scottish Highlands

Located at the tip of the NC500 route, Caithness is home to the world-famous John O’Groats and Dunnet Head, the most northerly points on the British Mainland with coastal views of the Pentland Firth, Stroma, and the Orkney Isles. Visit local, award-winning distilleries Wolfburn Whisky (Thurso), Rock Rose Gin (Dunnet), and Old Pulteney (Wick) and the John o' Groats Brewery.

Scenic Landscapes

See Caithness’s rugged, coastal seascapes and unique moorland Flow Country landscape, which are often set against dramatic skies and stunning sunsets. Highlights include the county peak Morven, the cliffs and lighthouse of Dunnet Head, and the Duncasby Stacks on the northern shore.


Splendid Beaches

Caithness is home to rolling expanses of sand and dune and hidden beaches, including Dunnet Bay and Strathy Bay, the nearby Thurso Beach, among many more to discover.

Aurora Borealis

In the winter months, there is a chance of beholding the wisping spectacle of the Aurora Borealis: the northern lights in the night sky which are a must-see experience.


Northern Coastal Watersports

World-class reef surfing at Thurso East, dubbed the ‘highlight of Scotland’s “Norse Shore”’ (Magic Seaweed), with local surf and paddleboard lessons for beginners. Open beach spaces suitable for activities such as kayaking, kiteboarding, and windsurfing.

Natural Wildlife

From seals, puffins, soaring birds of prey, and roe deer, to a biodiversity of plant life such as primroses, lichen, gorse, and heather, Caithness teems with distinctive wildlife, with Dunnet Forest and Seadrift Visitor Centre as noteworthy attractions. Fishing is particularly popular in the sea and across the many lochs scattered across the region.


Local and Historial Interest

Explore local historical sites – such as the Castle of Mey, St Peter’s Church, and Castlehill Heritage Centre – and discover hidden gems like the Whaligoe Steps and Camster Cairns. Thurso also acts as a base for day trips to the Orkney Isles, which features Norse and Neolithic archaeological attractions including the UNESCO World Heritage Site Skara Brae.